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About us?

We are Alba Page and Judith Verona . Our love for music and pedagogy have led us to collaborate in this new pioneering project in the Canary Islands, starting the Suzuki Method and its philosophy. We want to share this passion with families and accompany them in the educational process of their children through music with our violin and cello classes from 3 years old and our workshops for babies from 0 to 3 years old.

Each one in their instrument had a great training. Judith studied in Las Palmas, Zaragoza and the Netherlands; and Alba, trained in Cuenca, Madrid, Salamanca and Zürich.

Método Suzuki Las Palmas

We are federated teachers of the Suzuki Method Level 5 (the highest level of Suzuki training), endorsed by the FEMS (Spanish Federation of the Suzuki Method) and by the ESA (European Suzuki Association) .

We love the Method for many reasons, not only because of the results we observe in the children and families that are part of it, but above all because of their love and respect for the child and their speed and unique learning process in each one, while fostering ties between students, families and teachers around the world.  

The Suzuki Method is focused on helping us grow as people. It has changed us. It has made us grow and transform, it has helped us to be a little better every day.

Judith Verona is the violin teacher and Alba Page is the cello teacher and the Workshops for Babies from 0 to 3 years old, where she will use Gordon's Music Learning Theory (a method that also teaches the child in the same way as we learn to speak and that although it is approached from a somewhat different perspective to the Suzuki Method, it complements very well with it)


Suzuki really believed that all children could learn to play an instrument and through our project we want to try to reach all the families who want to be part of it.

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