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Shinichi. Suzuki. Los niños aprenden a sonreír de sus padres
"Children learn to smile from their parents"
-Shinichi Suzuki

Suzuki method

Shinichi Suzuki spent his life proving that musical talent is not something innate, but a skill that can be learned, starting from very early stages. Born in Nagoya (Japan) on October 17, 1898, he is remembered for his teaching method so that all children could develop exceptional talent.


Just as we learn our mother tongue, Suzuki Method students begin their learning through hearing and imitation. By concentrating on listening, they soon develop their musicality, as well as a taste for good sound and tuning.

Shinichi Suzuki

Parents who have followed the method around the world are delighted with the benefits it brings to their children and the positive influence that music has on their families.


Being a method widely used worldwide, children can interact through music during summer courses anywhere in the world and without having to speak the same mother tongue, since the repertoire and the bases of the methodology are the same .

"The possibilities for each child are endless!" - Shinichi Suzuki

El Aula Suzuki

The Suzuki classroom

Método Suzuki Las Palmas. Cello con Alba Page

The dynamics in the Suzuki classroom has as a basic principle teamwork between the teacher, the father / mother and the child. Parents work together with the teacher to create a pleasant learning environment where together they walk in the same direction.


During the first weeks the father or mother learns to play Twinkle (Estrellita will shine) with its variations, which will help develop a musical environment at home. After this period, the children take the leading role, while the father / mother attends the classroom writing down the exercises and guidelines to follow that help them in the study.


Thanks to the basic notions received during the first weeks and the guidelines given in each class by the teacher, the parent will be able to help their child in each practice and thus support and accompany them in the learning process.


Parents will play the role of teachers during the week and, as with native language learning, will positively support and encourage children.


The role of parents will change in the classes, as it happens throughout their lives, it will depend on the maturation and evolutionary moment in which the child is.


Parents learn:

  • To recognize and play rhythms.

  • Basic music reading skill

  • Recognize the different parts of the instrument and understand their function.

  • Tune the instrument

  • Understand and experience a correct and relaxed way to play the instrument.

  • Acquire the basic knowledge to help your children at home.

  • Understand stage performance and good habits

  • Touching Estrellita will shine with its 5 variations.

Método Suzuki Las Palmas. Violín con Judith Verona
Clases Grupales

Group classes

Group lessons are an elementary part of the Suzuki method where children learn to play with other classmates not only the Suzuki repertoire but also other pieces adapted to the classroom level.


The fact that this method shares the same repertoire worldwide means that children can play the same pieces together regardless of their country of origin. They learn to be part of a musical collective in a simple and fun way, a main skill for playing in orchestras and ensembles.


Método Suzuki Las Palmas. Clases de Grupo Cello
Método Suzuki Las Palmas. Clases de Grupo Violín

In group classes, technical and musical aspects learned in individual lessons are reinforced in a more enjoyable and fun way. When playing with friends, children feel in a very safe environment and enjoy these moments where their motivation for making music is mainly promoted and developed. In these classes they experience the possibility of demonstrating their musical ability with their peers and enjoying playing together.


Group and individual instrument classes are given once a week. When the student has developed the basic skills of the instrument, they will also receive music reading classes, orchestra classes and chamber classes.


Initiation Classes

In the introductory classes to classical music with the Suzuki method, the little ones with their parents begin to become familiar with the repertoire in a fun and entertaining way. We internalize the rhythms, melodies and accompaniments in an active way where listening and the child's motor system are fostered in a very intuitive way and in a family environment.

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