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Isabel Morey Suau



Born in Palma de Mallorca and finishing her intermediate violin studies in Barcelona with Evelio Tieles Ferrer.

For seventeen years she continued her violin training at the Hans Eisler Musikhochsule in Berlin with Dr. Kathinka Rebling and Alexander Koch-

After completing her compulsory training, she decided to specialize in various methods such as:  

  • The Suzuki method with Kerstin Wartberg as a teacher (obtained the 2009 Teacher Trainer title)

  • Color String with Géza Szilvay  

  • The Rolland Method.

  • Music Mind Games with Silvia Crusellas.

She continues to train continuously (an indispensable condition from her point of view for a teacher) in courses such as Brian Lewis, Mimi Zweig, Linda Langeheine, Simon Fischer among others.  


She founded the Junge Camerata Académica with Neil Fellows in 1999, an orchestra / school of international recognition and which enjoys numerous awards such as the Ruta Preis, or Kultur Preis Plön.  


Teaching activity in different parts of Europe as a violin teacher, chamber music teacher and Teacher Trainerin of the Suzuki method.


Organization of concerts, competitions and exchanges at an international level.  


Founding member of Metamorphosen Berlin in 2010, recordings for Sony, solo performances.  


One of the aspects to highlight of her work are the coexistence and common experiences that she organizes so that the students are motivated and grow in groups. An example is the trip she organizes every year to perform a series of concerts in Mallorca. Another particularity both in training teachers and their students at the music college is the dynamism and gamification of their classes, using numerous objects created specifically under their instructions for learning the violin or toys that are used differently, always focused on learning the instrument.  


Isabel has created a philosophy around the violin that makes her teaching extraordinary, in her own words "in every child there is a diamond, my job as a teacher is to cut those diamonds and polish them"

Her students are very heterogeneous since she does not pre-select students, she accepts all of them with the intention that the child who wants to learn to play the violin can do so. 

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