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Eulàlia Subirà



Born in Barcelona, she studied cello with teachers Linda d 'Oliveira, Elías Arizcúren, Peter Thiemann and María de Macedo in Barcelona and Madrid.  

Starting in 1991, she specialized in the pedagogy of this instrument obtaining the degree of teacher of the Suzuki Method Level 5 with Ann Grabe, Carey Beth Hockett, Penny Heath and Anja Maja in Lyon, London and Helsinki.  


Since 1992 she has been a cello teacher at the Municipal School of Music of Manlleu (Barcelona) where she works with female students from the age of 4.  

The objective of her teaching is to teach the instrument to all types of students, respecting and valuing their different capacities and disabilities; to enjoy individually and collectively the process of learning the precious language that is music.  

In 1998 she founded the "Manlleu Cello Group" made up of students from 8 to 14 years old with whom she has performed educational concerts in different cities of Catalonia, Spain and England.  

She has taught cello courses in different cities of Catalonia, Spain, France, Belgium, England, Palestine, Switzerland, Portugal, Lithuania, Denmark and Germany.  

She has taught courses on cello pedagogy in different music schools, professional conservatories and superiors in Spain.  

Since 2013 she has been part of the teaching team of the teacher training of the Spanish Federation of the Suzuki Method, first as an Instructor with Arantza López Barinagarrementeria and since July 2017 as a trainer.  

She has been invited to collaborate in the Suzuki Method teacher training courses by the French, English and German Federations.  

She has organized some twenty international cello courses collaborating with different teachers from all over Europe and the United States.  

She has been the director of the held in Vic in February 2014

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